About Us

York Community Consulting (YCC) is an entirely student run pro-bono consultancy organisation based out of the University of York. Set up in 2013 we have two primary aims:

  1. To provide students the opportunities with real world consultancy experience
  2. To create a genuine social impact in both the local and wider community by providing targeted analysis and intuitive solutions to, but not exclusively, charities, student start-ups and local government.

YCC is based on the belief that the student body is a hugely talented yet largely untapped resource that has the potential to provide a fresh perspective. YCC attracts the most intelligent adaptive minds at York and matches them with fascinating clients with a variety of aims and problems. In addition we provide continuous guidance and industry mentorship for each of our projects to ensure we deliver the very highest quality professional output.

Our consultants have gone on to work at some of top firms across the country and further afield. Further questions? Find our FAQs here or get in contact via email or social media. Otherwise come be a part of this award winning organization.