Engaging young people in the digital age

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Living well with sight loss

MySight York is an independent charity based in York with the aim to support people in York to live well with sight loss, both partial and complete. They do this by offering a range of services to those with sight loss; ranging from indoor or outdoor activities (such as skydiving or wing walking) to counselling people with sight loss. Alongside this they also assist businesses in becoming sight-loss accessible, they do this by offering Sight-Loss Awareness Training – this training was given to over 250 people in 2018.

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Identifying the potential value propositions

The primary objectives of this project were to explore how MySight York could:

  • branch out and better promote their services to younger people within the York area
  • formalise their service offering to businesses
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Professional advice

‘‘YCC worked diligently to produce a very useful report for the charity that will, when the current health emergency situation abates, be used to support our work into the future. I was impressed with their level of contact and with the professionalism with which the report was both presented and completed.’’ – MySight York

Boosting engagement levels with a younger demographic

Our team’s findings highlighted MySight York’s strengths in having a real and positive impact on people’s lives. Our team provided advice on how to better involve a younger demographic with events and activities organised by the charity, as well as for finding younger volunteers for the charity. MySight York was also advised to develop its social media presence to boost engagement levels with a younger demographic and improve on its current social media practices.

Our team also recommended improvements in advertising which could be achieved through the creation of an informative video on the charity and its purpose, as well as including pictures of a younger demographic on their website.

Findings showed a strong interest amongst local businesses with regards to the accreditation of Sight-Loss Awareness Training. Our team suggested various accreditation price structures after comparing other charities competitive pricing strategies. Each of our team’s recommendations were supported by detailed primary and secondary research, which included interviews and surveys with current beneficiaries and many local firms.

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How can my organisation get involved?

Please visit our ‘Contact’ page and send us a message. One of our Strategy Partners will respond as soon as possible. The first key step will involve discussing the main objectives of the project. Then we can begin working towards a Terms of Reference.