Optimising user journey

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Supporting and empowering women

Kyra Women's Project is a York based charity dedicated to helping, supporting and empowering women in York. They recognise that women face challenges in their lives that are distinct from that of men, and pride themselves in creating a safe, welcoming and supportive environment to help them make the changes they need in their lives, at their pace. They do this by running drop-in sessions, counselling services, skills courses and workshops.

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Building for the future

The primary objectives of this project were to:

  • investigate how Kyra can move towards a digitised registration/sign-out process, helping build a strong foundation for the desired goal of tracking a woman’s journey through Kyra’s services
  • assess the extent to which support provided by Kyra is useful and efficient
  • explore opportunities for improved marketing to increase core funding via detailed social media review, online presence and overall public relations and fundraising/marketing strategies
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Exceeding expectations

‘‘I am blown away with the quality and professionalism displayed. This has gone above and beyond our expectations, and you have given us incredible value and clear structure that we can work forwards with.’’ – Kyra Women's Project

Tech for social good

Our team analysed prospective digital solutions for the client. In addition to this, we used the programming language C++ to design software an Attendance Management System. This enables the client to track their member’s journey and to begin phasing out the existing paper-based register.

Further, our team conducted detailed competitor analysis, consulted expert psychologists and ran numerous focus groups to analyse the most effective and highly desired services Kyra should put in place. We also provided extensive detail on how these courses can be implemented.

Our team also broke down many sustainable funding opportunities for Kyra’s long-run development. As well as shorter, quicker cash grab opportunities to ease immediate pressures. Each recommendation was well justified, backed by detailed research and, where possible, empirical data.

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How can my organisation get involved?

Please visit our ‘Contact’ page and send us a message. One of our Strategy Partners will respond as soon as possible. The first key step will involve discussing the main objectives of the project. Then we can begin working towards a Terms of Reference.